There are 5 sets of Videos here on this site – or links – for:

1- The HPT Practitioners Series: short videos intended to demonstrate the diversity of HPT Practitioners and their practice of HPT. Please go here.

2- The HPT Legacy Series: longer videos with long-time ISPI members intended to capture stories from them about themselves and others involved in NSPI/ISPI and the application of HPT in their work. Please go here.

3- Videos and links organized by the 7 Key Areas of HPT focus: videos from many sources

4- ISPITube

5- Misc.


1- The HPT Practitioners Series:

2- The HPT Legacy Series:

3- Videos and links organized by the 7 Key Areas of HPT:

1- Management of Organizational Performance

2- Organizational Design/Alignment

3- Process Improvement

4- Analysis, Evaluation, Measurement

5- Motivation, Incentives & Feedback

6- Instructional Systems

Geary A. Rummler at MTEC in 1981 – 46 minutes – Performance-based Training:


Neil Rackham at MTEC in 1981 – 57 minutes – Design Criteria:


Thiagi at UMBC in 2009 – 1hr 44m:

Ruth Clark at UMBC in 2008 – 1hr 20m:

7-Science of HPT: Foundations

Dr. Richard E. Clark and others at USC’s Center for Cognitive Technologies

4- ISPITube

ISPI has a YouTube site: ISPITube:

Please go here. There are currently dozens of 99 Seconds presentations from the 2000 Conference on this site.

5- Misc.

Robert F. Mager at the ISPI Conference in 1999 with: The Perfect Banquet Speech:


Joe Harless at the 1993 NSPI (ISPI) Conference Banquet as: The Wizard of Newnan Georgia:





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