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  1. TT Browne says:

    May I recommend my new book entitled “The Science of Human Performance” by Trevor Tyrone Browne. It is available at Amazon.
    The book proposes a new theoretical construct for human performance and a new methodology for measuring and understanding performance. It introduces the concept of Human Performance Engineering – where scientific techniques such as system control theory will be applied to human systems to manage and optimize organizational performance results.

    • guywwallace says:

      Congratulations on your book. From the cover it seems it might relate more to Sports that Enterprise Performance. From your description – that would not seem to be the case. And BTW – the concept of “Human Performance Engineering” is something I was introduced to in 1979: via Thomas F. Gilbert – and his “Human Competence” (book 1979) – and his presentations at NSPI (now ISPI) in the early 1980s.

  2. TT Browne says:

    Thank you. The book seeks to cover all aspects of human performance, admittedly my own interest was sparked initially in the specific area of Sport Management.
    My particular focus has been on the identification of a conceptual framework that defines human performance in a way that allows for its objective analysis, and thus for scientific (engineered) control. The intent of my research and book then was to introduce this qualitative conceptual framework.
    Was Mr Gilbert’s work not more focused on the qualitative psychological relationship between human performance, human behaviour and the environment? I believe the term he used was Human Performance Technology. The measure of science and engineering is the ability to define objective and repeatable measurements for a field of study. This is precisely the intent of my research.

    In any event, “Engineering” has become a fairly generic term and it is becoming increasingly clear that organisational effectiveness issues (human performance engineering) represent the really huge opportunities for future competitiveness. I suspect that the term will be used much more commonly in future.

    Congrats on you blog which has highlighted this significant area of research and developmental potential.

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