Here are 2 forewords by Wallace and Rummler – and Geary Rummler’s original 1983 article that was revived and republished in the July 2002 issue of ISPI’s PIJ – Performance Improvement Journal – to kick-off what later would be labeled the “Defining HPT” effort versus the “Defining the HPT Value Proposition” tag:


Here is an issue of PIJ dedicated to this effort:


Here is an initial “brochure” describing the ProComms resulting from the effort:

Clarifying HPT Brochure

Here is a Presentation by Ray Svenson, the facilitator for the group process efforts employed in the project, as the Stage I portion of the project came to an end:


Note: The Final Report to the Board from the Stage I effort may also be accessed via the home page of this site. (33 pages.)

Here is a large PDF (213 pages) of everything related to this effort:

Stage 1 Doc – Clarifying HPT VP

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